About PFizer

Pfizer Inc. is an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation. They apply science and their global resources to bring therapies to people that extend and significantly improve their lives. they strive to set the standard for quality, safety, and value in the discovery, development, and manufacture of healthcare products.

The Challenges

1st Challange :

A need for a centralized database for their projects and data. They were spending 2 weeks gathering internal data, and another 2 weeks creating the pipeline, which were both done manually, to be able to provide reports to use in getting insights.

2nd Challange :

Lack of a way to allocate the resources. 

3rd Challange : 

The need to expedite the decision-making process of which projects to include in the post-prioritization portfolio and to be able to monitor the effects of actions on their portfolio both before and after prioritization as this task was done manually and took a minimum of two weeks to complete.

4th Challange : 

They wanted to have a data-driven project prioritization model.

The Solutions

1st Solution :

Smplcty solved the first problem by developing a data pipeline system, then a single database to provide Pfizer with clear and simple insights.

2nd Solution : 

to track resources and gather information about the needed resources for each project, which will result in much better insights for resource allocation

3rd Solution:

Constructing a platform that displays decisions summary of the pipeline before and after prioritization, DDIM (Data-Driven Innovation Management) framework reduced the time spent on completing this task to a quick click on the DDIM framework.

4th Solution :

The final innovation of Smplcty was the standardization of all the data that goes into the data-driven project prioritization model which includes a weighted scoring system to measure the performance of projects and products.