Data-Driven Innovation Management with Fortune 500 Company


GSK CH’s Innovation Pipeline was evolving, moreso after a recent merger, it was imperative to be able to see all the different performance measures in one place across all products that are launching over the next 5 years.


Working with the Global Product Portfolio executive team on their portfolio governance decision support, we followed a five-step process. 1)Streamlining portfolio strategy and definitions across all 7 governances. 2) Centralizing data management so there is one source of truth. 3)Built a data-driven prioritization model. 4) Built a data-driven resource allocation model. 5) Developed an automated recommendation engine.

How Smplcty helped?

Helped GSK CH reduce the time to action by 80% and reduce the time consumed by the portfolio executive by 30%, doubling their innovation growth target which is worth 10’s of millions of dollars.